Trends in air concentration and deposition of mercury in the coastal environment of the North Sea Area


An evaluation of mercury observations from North Sea coastal stations during 1995-2002 has been performed. The mercury data originate from EMEP/OSPAR stations in Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Sweden where mercury in precipitation and Total Gaseous Mercury (TGM) have been measured. A decreasing trend in mercury wet deposition is observed. The decrease is sufficiently large to be significant considering measurement precision and appears to occur at all the studied sites. The reduction in deposition is 10-30% when comparing the two periods 1995-1998 and 1999-2002. The trend is likely to be due to emission controls in Europe. In contrast, no decreasing trend in TGM could be observed during the same time periods. A plausible explanation is that the TGM concentration measured in the OSPAR area to a larger extent than before is dominated by the hemispherical background concentration of TGM.

Medarbetare: John Munthe

Nyckelord: Atmospheric mercury, Mercury deposition, Long-range transport

Typ: Artikel

År: 2007

Rapportnummer: A1449

Författare: Ingvar Wängberg, John Munthe, Torunn Berg, Ralf Ebinghaus, H H Kock, C Temme, E Bieberd, T.G Spain, A Stolk

Publicerad i: Elsevier Ltd., Atmospheric Environment 41 (2007) 2612-2619