Atmospheric mercury distribution in Northern Europe and in the Mediterranean region


Mercury species in air have been measured at five sites in Northwest Europe and at five coastal sites in the Mediterranean region during measurements at four seasons. Observed concentrations of total gaseous mercury (TGM), total particulate mercury (TPM) and reactive gaseous mercury (RGM) were generally slightly higher in the Mediterranean region than in Northwest Europe. Incoming clean Atlantic air seems to be enriched in TGM in comparison to air in Scandinavia. Trajectory analysis of events where high concentrations of TPM simultaneously were observed at sites in North Europe indicate source areas in Central Europe and provide evidence of transport of mercury on particles on a regional scale.

Medarbetare: John Munthe

Nyckelord: mercury, field mesurement, total gaseous mercury, total particulate mercury, reactive gaseous mercury, atmosphere

Typ: Artikel

År: 2001

Rapportnummer: A1272

Författare: Ingvar Wängberg, John Munthe, Nicola Pirrone, Åke Iverfeldt, E Bahlman, P Costa, Ralf Ebinghaus, X Feng, Romano Ferrara, Katarina Gårdfeldt, H Kock, Enrica Lanzillotta, Y Mamane, F Mas, E Melamed, Y Osnat, Eric Prestbo, Jonas Sommar, S Schmolke, G Spain, Francesca Sprovieri, G Tuncel

Publicerad i: Pergamon Press 2001, Atmospheric Environment 35 (2001) 3019-3025