Critical loads - is there a need for a new concept?


The concept of critical loads has been an important andsuccessful tool for the development of control strategiesfor transboundary air pollution in Europe. The use of theconcept has led us to a situation where very few areas inEurope will have an exceedance of critical loads foracidification in 2010, indicating that the benefits offurther control acidifying substances will be lessuseful. The critical loads concept does not, however,take into account the large benefits of further controlin damaged systems but where critical loads are nolonger exceeded. In this paper we discuss the importanceof widening the critical loads concept to include thesebenefits and we propose an additional effect-relatedmeasure, Dynamic Impact Analysis, to be included infurther control strategies and assessments. With such aconcept the actual situation and its further developmentwill be included in assessments and control strategies

Medarbetare: Peringe Grennfelt, Filip Moldan

Nyckelord: acidification, critical load, dynamic impact analysis, recovery processes

Typ: Artikel

År: 2003

Rapportnummer: A1268

Författare: Peringe Grennfelt, Filip Moldan, Mattias Alveteg, Per Warfvinge, Harald Sverdrup

Publicerad i: Kluwer Academic Publishers, Water, Air, and Soil Pollution: Focus 1: 21-27, 2001