A Device for Sampling and Determination of Total Particulate Mercury in Ambient Air


A miniaturized device, which serves as both particulate trap and pyrolyzer for airborne particulate mercury species, is described. It has been used in combination with amalgamation/thermal desorption/cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrometry detection for the determination of total particulate mercury (TPM) associated with atmospheric aerosols. A standard reference material (SRM 1633b, NIST) has been used for validating of the pyrolysis technique, and a relative error smaller than 3% has been obtained. Contrary to most methods currently employed, this new technique does not require any sample preparation (e.g., extraction/digestion), no manual sample transfer or sample handling, and no addition of chemicals or reagents. Hence the risk of contamination is low. The time for complete analysis is less than 10 min per sample. The concentrations of TPM determined in metropolitan Toronto ranged from 3 to 91 pg m-3 with standard deviations of

Medarbetare: John Munthe

Nyckelord: luft, kvicksilver,Sampling, Determination, Total Particulate Mercury, Ambient Air

Typ: Artikel

År: 1998

Rapportnummer: A1189

Författare: Julia Y Lu, William H Schroeder, Torunn Berg, John Munthe, Dan Schneeberger, Frank Schaedlich

Publicerad i: Analytical Chemistry, 1998. Volume 70, Number 11, pp. 2403-2408