Metal Cleaning Handbook


This cleaning hanbook was written as part of the 'Cleaning of Metal Surfaces' project and provides a presentation and summary or inforamtion compiled during the project.

Medarbetare: Östen Ekengren

Nyckelord: metallrengöring, trikloetylen,metal cleaning, trichlorethylene, industrial cleaning

Typ: Artikel

År: 1998

Rapportnummer: A1083

Författare: Mikael Jansson, Helena Ardebrant, Anna Matero, Jonas Tolf, Östen Ekengren, Peter Solyom, Dan Jacobsson, Bengt Johansson

Publicerad i: "Swedish Institute for Metals research YKI-A1170; Institute for Surface Chemistry IM-3536; IVL A1083"