Research, Development and Demonstration Strategies on Environmental Technology. Suggested foundations for a Formas-Vinnova strategy


The aim of this report is to provide information for Formas and Vinnova to utilise in their development of a common strategy for their forthcoming environmentally adopted collaborative program. The structure of this report follows the assignment given by Formas and Vinnova to explore how three different aspects can and should influence the design of their forthcoming program. The three parts of the study, that each could constitute a report of its own, are: Definitions of environmental technology, Development trends in the world's vast latecoming economies and Comparative study on environmental policy-making processes for environmentally adopted solutions and technology transformation. When considering the size of the coming Formas-Vinnova programme for environmental technology the recommendation is to make the programme focused on e.g. technology development or demonstration projects. To gain greatest leverage it is vital to figure out how the programme can fit into the landscape of programs that support environmental technology in Sweden and thereby fill the gaps in support that Swedish environmental technology actors are experiencing today.

Medarbetare: Östen Ekengren

Nyckelord: Formas, Vinnova, Strategy on Environmental Technology, Environmental Infrastructure, Environmental Infrastructure Components (EIC), Environmental Infrastructure Systems (EIS), Definitions, Global Development Trends, Population Trends, Urbanisation, Latecoming Economies,Trade Barriers, East Asian Corporatism, State Corporatism, Neo-Corporatism, Environmental Policy Development, Technology Transformation

Typ: Rapport

År: 2007

Rapportnummer: B1743

Författare: Pontus Cerin, Ulrik Axelsson, Östen Ekengren

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