Strategies for success? Managing chemical risks in small workplaces: a review of Swedish practice


This report is part of the project Strategies for Success? Managing Chemical Risks in Small Workplaces: a Review of European Practice, funded by CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council. In this project a literature review was made of chemical risk management in SMEs in five European countries, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Austria and Spain was studied. The results from all the national studies have been analysed and discussed in a book entitled Within Reach? Managing Chemical Risks in Small Enterprises, to be published by Baywood Publishing Company. This report on chemical risk management in Sweden aims to give a broad overview of use of chemicals, risks and risk management in small and medium size enterprises in Sweden. The report also offers a background description of the structures that support and enforce chemical risk management in SMEs. Furthermore, the report discusses the development of chemical risk management in Swedish SMEs

Medarbetare: Ann-Beth Antonsson

Nyckelord: SME, SSE, small companies, small enterprises, chemcials, risk management, evaluation

Typ: Rapport

År: 2007

Rapportnummer: B1717

Författare: Ann-Beth Antonsson

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