WEBAP - Wave Energized Baltic Aeration Pump - final report


The WEBAP project aimed at demonstrating a cost-effective wave-powered device, entitled the “Wave Energized Baltic Aeration Pump (WEBAP)”, which may help to mitigate the problem of oxygen depletion (“hypoxia”) in coastal zones and open seas.  The project has gained much attention in both the involved project partner member states and Europe. This final report describes the various actions that were implemented during the project lifetime, their successful completions, problems encountered during the project implementation and how they were dealt with. The WEBAP project was started in January 2010 and the project activities ended in September 2013. As this final report covers the whole project period, it can only provide an overview of the various activities and achievements. There are a number of other project reports that cover the progress of the project at various stages and detailed information about specific topics. The various reports are mentioned at relevant places in this final report and can be provided upon request and if no sensitive information is included. The reader may also consider a more scientific report on the project available on the project webpage www.webap.ivl.se or on the IVL homepage www.ivl.se ; B2130 “WEBAP - Vågdriven syrepump för Östersjön”. The final report marks the closing of the LIFE+ project LIFE08 ENV/S/000271, WEBAP - Wave Energized Baltic Aeration Pump.

Medarbetare: Tomas Viktor, Östen Ekengren, Magnus Karlsson, Christian Baresel

Nyckelord: Wave power, oxygen, baltic

Typ: Rapport

År: 2014

Rapportnummer: C26

Författare: Christian Baresel, Magnus Karlsson, Anders Engqvist, Sara Alongi Skenhall, Christoffer Carstens, Tomas Viktor, Jakob Malm, Lennart Claeson, Vladimir Cvetkovic, Östen Ekengren

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