AQ4ALL – a Nordic air quality conference

Welcome to the first Nordic online conference on air quality

At this conference Nordic scientists at the forefront of air quality research will present the latest results from three ongoing projects. You will have the opportunity to learn more about Nordic air quality and the interlinkages with public health and how it affects the welfare system. You will also have the opportunity to raise your questions directly to the researchers and network with colleagues in related fields.


The conference will cover the following topics:

  • Air quality affects the Nordic welfare system - learn how
  • Nordic air pollution has large effects on Arctic Warming - these solutions are available
  • The effect of air pollution on public health and the environment - larger than you might think
  • Improved data, improved models, better decision support for policy

The results presented and discussed are based on the following three complementary research activities with high relevance for the Nordic region:

Swedish Clean Air Research Programme, the Nordic Welfair Research Project and the EU project Black Carbon in the Arctic.

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During the conference you will be able to choose the sessions you prefer to attend.

Lovisa Källmark Tel. 010-788 68 80 E-post:
Anna Mellin Tel. 010-788 65 27 E-post:

About the research projects

The aim of the Swedish Clean Air Research Programme is to develop and improve the scientific basis for air pollution policies on national and international scales including relations to climate policy. The purpose of Nordic Welfair, on the other hand, is to increase our understanding of links between air pollution levels, the chemical composition of the pollution and related health effects, as well as to investigate and assess the effects of air pollution on the distribution of related health impacts, socio-economics and welfare in the Nordic countries.

Finally, the EU project Black Carbon in the Arctic contributes to efforts to reduce black carbon emissions in the Arctic by supporting the development of commitments and targets to limit production of Arctic black carbon and by enhancing international cooperation on black carbon policy in the Arctic region.

For questions about the scientific content

Sweden: Stefan Åström,
Denmark: Camilla Geels,
Finland: Otto Hänninen,
Iceland: Þröstur Þorsteinsson,
Norway: Per Schwarze,

The online conference is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers

Conference on Nordic air quality

Date: 10-11 June 2020

Time: Iceland 8:00, Denmark, Norway, Sweden 9:00, Finland 10:00

Place: Online (Zoom)

Price: The webinar is free of charge but registration is required