Provtagning och analyser av låga halter organiska föreningar i luft, 3

The aim of this part of the project ws to test some adsorbents for smapling of methanol, ethanol and formaldehyd in working environment, followed by an anlyisis on a gas chromatograph. The results are showing that none of the tested adsorbents is useful for methanol, because for the unsufficient retention volume. Adsorption on charcoal is effective for sampling of ehanol. but the recovery at the desorption with carbon disulfide is not sufficient. The recovery would probably increase if a combination with a more polar solvent was used for the desorption. The samplling with silicagel and the desorption with dimethylformamide gives an increased recovery, but the retention volume is not sufficient. None of the tested polymers (Tenax GC and Porapak N) is working sufficiently what concerns overall efficiency and retention volume. Concerning formaldehyde the response on the flame ionisation detector was to low for the purpose of a practical use of the method

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