Fosfor i nederbörd. Resultat från mätningar under 1990-talet

Data on the levels of phosphorus (P) in precipitation is presented for 3 stations in Sweden, and a number of stations in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, and Germany. The various collection procedures and analytical methods are described for investigations during the 1990's. Levels of P in precipitation in northwestern Europe are often below detection thresholds, especially when only phosphate-P is analysed. A large temporal and spatial variation occurs in the data series. No general trends are observed in the reported studies. Knowledge about the factors that influence the variations has improved since the 1980's. The cost-effectiveness of monitoring P in precipitation is discussed. The relative importance of P input by precipitation is strongly dependant on several circumstances, and is rather uncertain for most areas in the Nordic countries. (in Swedish with extended abstract in English)

Prenumerera på våra nyhetsbrev