Arbetshygieniska mätningar av damm, koppar, krom och arsenik vid bearbetning av trä som impregnerats med CCA-medel

Mesurements were made to study the concentrations of airborne copper, chromium, arsenic and wooden dust in two carpentries, working with CCA-impregnated timber. The mesurements show that the additive effect for carciongenic substances is very high, up to 5 times the Swedish TLV, during cleaning periods. The concentrations can be reduced if exhauisting devices are attached to the woodworking machines. Thus less dust will be spread to the premises. The cleaning ought to be done with an industrial vaccumcleaner, instead of dry-sweeping. One operation that can generate high concentrations of dust, is cutting of timber. The concentrations can be kept low if a machine-attached exhusting device is used. The best altenrative is, of course, to cut the timber before impregnation. Report in Swedish.

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