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Key recommendations from the Saltsjöbaden VII workshop will be found here together with recommendations from each Working Group.

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Saltsjöbaden I, 2000

Workshop on future needs for regional air pollution strategies

Saltsjöbaden 10-12 April 2000

Saltsjöbaden II, 2004

Workshop on Review and Assessment of European Air Pollution Policies

Gothenburg 25-27 October 2004

Saltsjöbaden III, 2007

Air pollution and its relationship to climate change and sustainable development

Linking immediate needs with long term challenges

Gothenburg 12-14 March 2007


Saltsjöbaden IV, 2009

Air pollution and Climate Change

Report from a workshop under the Swedish EU Presidency

Gothenburg 19-21 October 2009

Saltsjöbaden V, 2013

Saltsjöbaden V – Taking international air pollution policies into the future

Gothenburg 24–26 June 2013

Saltsjöbaden VI, 2018

Clean Air for a Sustainable Future – Goals and Challenges

Gothenburg 19-21 march 2018

Saltsjöbaden VII, 2023

Saltsjöbaden VII – Air pollution in a world under pressure

Gothenburg 13-15 March 2023