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Third CDM meeting, planned as physical meeting with option to participate on line

The third CDM meeting will be held in Sitges Spain, April 6–8 with an option to participate over web-link.

Modeling the effects of air pollution on ecosystems has a great potential to quantify the damage to ecosystems and to demonstrate the improvement. The long-term goal of CDM is to provide the Convention with science-based, politically viable arguments for further cuts in air pollution. The meeting will be aimed at information sharing about the latest scientific achievements and on formulating our strategy on modelling, not the least of the effects of air pollution on biodiversity.

About the meeting

The meeting starts on Wednesday April 6 at lunch time and run through Friday April 8 lunch. There will be four half-day sessions:

  • Wednesday afternoon: Update on CDM activities
  • Thursday morning: CDM long term strategy and update scientific progress
  • Thursday afternoon: Update on scientific progress continued
  • Friday morning: Future plans of CDM. The two Thursday sessions will be opened for participation via web link.

Please contact us at for further information or if you are interested to receive information about the meeting outcomes.

Last updated: 2022-04-05
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