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news | 2021-03-24
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New PFAS network platform in Baltic Sea regions

IVL with the support of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has initiated a platform to gather information around PFASs around the Baltic Sea region. The platform aims to connect people to gather the knowledge, promote collaboration to reduce emissions of PFASs to the natural environment.

PFASs are a group of chemicals widely used in products such as in fire extinguishers, packaging materials and textiles, all commodities to make our lives convenient with its good water repellent property. It also made our lives safer, when used to reduce risk of car explosions upon accident and rescue missions. However, the high resistant characteristics of PFASs are double edged. The usage and lack of cautious handling of PFAS containing wastes and PFAS polluted grounds, PFASs accumulates in nature, and transfers into organism through soil, water, and air. Without enhanced awareness and proper handling, it can cause serious health issues to human beings and severe consequences to the natural life.

The network manager Mayumi Narongin Fujikawa explains the vision of this network:
"This network had already existed. It was built up by the Swedish Institute´s Baltic Sea Leadership Programme (BLP) in joint collaboration with the Swedish EPA, in its role as PA Hazards for the Baltic Sea region. At the end of this BLP, IVL took on the challenge of the coordinating role to keep the network alive. Through discussions on how to continue the network, and keeping original values of BLP, we decided to take step further to include everyone who are interested and wish to collaborate."

"We aim to build an easily accessible platform that provides useful knowledge to everyone. It is important for us that we can share the knowledge and connect right people, share ideas. Through innovative collaborations with people from various background, we can approach these broad issues to reduce PFASs pollutions and create safer place to live for anyone. So here, we are starting with a base, a website as an online platform that allows dialogs among you who are interested in the subject. We hope to build this platform not only by us, but also the people in the network," she says.

Last updated: 2021-05-24
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