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Digitalization to secure Sandviken's drinking water

Through digitalization and automation, IVL and Sandviken Energy will improve the efficiency and security of drinking water production in Sandviken.

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Johan Strandberg

Among other things, models are to be created and a management plan put into place for surface and groundwater levels around Rökebo vattenverk plants to secure drinking water production from a long-term perspective.

Raw water supply and quality is affected by climate changes that take place. The supply of drinking water can be streamlined through better understanding of water sources, lake and groundwater, and how changes occur during the year. For example, during some parts of the year, there is a lot of organic carbon in the lake requiring more chemicals for purification, when you can use more groundwater instead of seawater.

"The production of drinking water starts far beyond the walls of drinking water plant, in the hydrological cycle. Operating drinking water production in harmony with the natural processes increases the endurance of the whole system," says Johan Strandberg, project manager at IVL.

The project will improve process control and develop a production-planning tool, where models for surface water, groundwater and process are integrated into one and the same operational process, thereby allowing Sandviken Energi to have more effective control over future drinking water production.

"We view the project as an important part of ensuring a secure and sustainable drinking water supply for a future with a changing climate. Applying digital technology gives us the opportunity to anticipate changes in the early stages and optimize the delivery of drinking water to our customers." says Niclas Reinikainen, CEO of Sandviken Energi.

For more information about the project, please contact:
Johan Strandberg, johan.strandberg@ivl.se
Tel. +46 010-788 65 98

About the project:

  • In the project, IVL will, among other things, establish models and control of the surface and groundwater balance around Rökebo waterworks, which ensures drinking water production from a long time perspective. This means an integrated cloud-based system for the collection, model calculation, monitoring, visualization and distribution of data. The project will also use new and safe technology for the production process at Rökebo Waterworks, which streamlines production and minimizes chemical consumption.

  • The project is being carried out in collaboration with IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and Sandviken Energi AB with funding from the Foundation Institute for Water and Aeronautical Research (SIVL)


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