Robin Vestergren arbetar som forskare på IVL

Staffan Filipsson

Business developer focusing on water issues, working at the Stockholm office, Sweden

I wanted to work on environmental issues, not just to find problems, but to try to solve them as well. I wanted to work on specific issues and applications, so IVL was perfect for me. I work closely with various partners to tailor solutions for Swedish and international clients that we work with. It can be industries and municipalities, but sometimes other customers such as authorities as well.

Take major technological leaps in both energy-saving and power-producing systems

I work with environmental technology frequently, and there it is great fun to be involved in projects that end with full-scale implementation of the technology or system and can be a model for others to follow. It is particularly important to be able to take major technological leaps in both energy-saving and power-producing systems. I would like to continue participating in and contributing to these two fields for the next ten years.

Fun and motivating tasks

I have a hard time imagining more fun and motivating tasks than the ones we have at IVL. For example, I have been involved in projects that we have conducted in close cooperation with our office in China, which I believe has helped to raise China's awareness of various environmental issues and how these can be resolved. Any advancement of environmental issues on that giant market has an incredibly large impact. Now we are trying to repeat the same thing in India, which is just as important and I hope will have the same impact.

Your best environmental tips?

Although I am working on the development of environmental technologies that will be the long-term solution to climate change mitigation, I would nonetheless like to emphasise the time factor in the transformation. We need to start immediately, so climate system changes will not run rampant.

It requires that we all, immediately, have to start refraining from behaviours that we, over a hundred years of time with incredibly cheap energy, have learned to take for granted. This is a huge, but entirely possible challenge. We need the help courageous and visionary political decisions that are perceived as justice for most, or at least by a majority, of the population as well as business leaders going on the offensive and able to see the potential of the changeover. Then we have yet another small, but good, chance to give our children and grandchildren a peaceful and safe world to live in.

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