Robin Vestergren arbetar som forskare på IVL

Robin Vestergren

Researcher in environmental chemistry, working at the Stockholm office, Sweden

Before I started at IVL, I was at Stockholm University. We frequently collaborated on research with IVL, arranged workshops together and other things. I have always viewed IVL as an attractive workplace. A couple of years ago, a project manager and researcher vacancy opened up, which seemed very exciting.

Identify previously unknown chemicals

Some of the projects I have enjoyed the most at IVL have been identifying previously unknown environmentally hazardous chemicals in various consumer products. The analysis work to detect new chemical substances in a complex matrix can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but it is very cool when we succeed in developing good methods to sift through the large amount of data generated by the instruments.

Contributed to disseminating knowledge

We have worked on some projects together with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, where we have contributed to disseminating knowledge about the most fluorinated chemicals, so-called PFAS, in cosmetic products. The results of these studies have been widely disseminated, both through scientific journals and in social media. They have also prompted many companies to phase out environmentally hazardous substances from their products.

Work strategically with developing our research

The opportunity to initiate and run projects based on your own ideas and all the fantastic colleagues is a great inspiration for me. In the future, I would like to work strategically with developing our research activities in the field of chemicals. I also hope that we will have more projects where we can help companies to phase out the use of environmentally hazardous substances by applying more green chemistry.