Robin Vestergren arbetar som forskare på IVL

Jonatan Wranne

Specialist in life cycle analysis, working at the Gothenburg office, Sweden

In 2009, I got a tip from my mother-in-law that IVL was looking for people, she had been sitting next to the CEO of IVL at a dinner. But I didn't get that job. The following year, however, there was a new advertisement that IVL was looking for an LCA specialist. That job I felt was mine, and fortunately it was.

Project manager and expert

I have a background in technical physics and industrial ecology. I am a project manager and expert in life cycle analysis at IVL, with particular focus on the influence of private individuals from a consumer perspective, such as the work on the Climate Account. I answer people's questions.

Drives awareness and knowledge

There are highs and lows, but it is always interesting. I feel like a cog in the machinery that drives awareness and knowledge of our individual climate impact. I also have a great fondness for automating and creating tools in Excel, which I apply when I am hired as an IVL consultant by two of Sweden's multinational corporations, through their central sustainability groups. When the corporations do assortment studies or want to calculate their global footprint, one hundred life cycle analyses may need to be done during the same working hours we normally spend on one life cycle analysis here at IVL. Then you do not have time to enter and sort the data "by hand".

Developed a climate calculator

One of the projects I enjoyed doing most at IVL was when we developed a climate calculator for Blocket. Blocket wanted to calculate how much climate savings their second-hand sales contributed, based on the assumption that when someone buys a used item, they will not want to buy a new one. It is of course a nightmare for an LCA analyst to try to calculate this, because there are tens of thousands of advertisements and only image-based information to go on. One of our senior experts found an ingenious way to be able to do this within a reasonable timeframe and still be able to stand by the results. Blocket is now owned by Schibsted. We provide similar calculations for all their advertising sites around the world. They own about 30 sites, so there will be a few sites each year."