Robin Vestergren arbetar som forskare på IVL

Åsa Strand

Researcher in aquaculture and alien species, Fiskebäckskil, Sweden

I most recently come from a research post at Gothenburg University, where I also worked with aquaculture. But I wanted to work more closely with the Swedish aquaculture companies to help solve the challenges that aquaculture in Sweden and large parts of the world face.

I did not really get an opportunity to do that at the university, and therefore turned to IVL which I felt, and still feel, encourages applied research and business contacts.

Demand for Pacific oysters

The demand for Pacific oysters in Sweden is so high today, suppliers cannot keep up with the demand. Pacific oysters actually are not as terrible as the media would have us believe. A foreign species can also provide positive ecosystem services.

Pioneer and visionary

I am inspired by Jacques Cousteau. He was a pioneer and visionary in marine sciences who as early as 1971 said "We must plant the sea and herd its animals using the sea as farmers instead of hunters".

Establish new industry

The project I have enjoyed working on the most so far is the production of oyster larvae of the European flat oyster species in offshore dams. It is a collaboration between IVL, Bohus Aquaculture and Chalmers. My dream project is ongoing already to some extent.

Cooperating with colleagues with different expertise and with entrepreneurs and other actors to solve the biggest challenges of the aquaculture industry. I want to be able to help establish a new industry with new jobs that create environmental benefits rather than environmental impact.