Robin Vestergren arbetar som forskare på IVL

Anna-Lisa Wrange

Researcher in aquaculture and marine ecology, Fiskebäckskil and Gothenburg, Sweden

"I have been working since February 2018 as a researcher and project manager within IVL's Natural Resources and Environmental Impacts section, based at the Kristineberg Marine Research and Innovation Centre outside Fiskebäckskil.

Interested in nature

I have always been interested in nature and environmental issues. After my dissertation in marine evolutionary biology, I wanted to do more applied work and help increase knowledge about how we can use the marine resources in a sustainable way.

Issues that affect society

I enjoy working with issues that affect society and where there are solutions that can make a difference right away. I am interested in many different environmental issues and like to engage in new things. There are many enthusiasts who have inspired me over the years. David Attenborough for how he spreads knowledge about our amazing natural environment and how important it is that we care for it in a sustainable manner. Isabella Lövin inspired me, the journalist who wrote the book Silent Seas, which raised awareness about the issue of unsustainable fishing.

Increased interest in aquaculture

Interest in aquaculture has increased in Sweden. It is an underutilized industry in Sweden and I believe there are good chances our results can help improve the conditions for new jobs in aquaculture. Many people are interested in what we do.

Blue mussels are one of our healthiest and most sustainable foods. It is a low-fat food that contains many valuable minerals and vitamins. The mussels also reduce the eutrophication of coastal waters. My best environmental tip is to replace the meat and fish with mussels the next time you cook!