Sharify - Tillgängliggöra, förenkla och skala upp delning

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This project looks at the possibilities of making sharing available, simple and up scaled as part of social innovation, upscaling both in size and in diversity and variety of initiatives.

Sharing economics has the potential to contribute to significantly reduced climate emissions and at the same time increased social trust, equality and resilience, both by using underutilized things more and by behavioral changes in how things are generally used. More innovations are needed in order for the sharing economy to reach its full potential and to prevent possible rebound effects, in particular, innovations that facilitate a wide range of players to develop new sharing solutions - from commercial to municipal and non-profit initiatives.

There is a great potential for social gains from sharing, gains that non-profit and municipalities mainly are responsible for today. Therefore, the project also hopes to contribute to making sharing more accessible for sharing initiatives with fewer resources and without transactions.

The project has mapped out existing technical platforms supporting the construction of sharing initiatives, interviewed sharing initiatives and interviewed experts in exponential technologies. Based on these, insights and ideas have been developed that have been tested on users and then further developed.

Our starting point, that there was a strong need for a digital platform that allowed actors to build sharing initiatives without programming everything from the start, proved to be correct. At the same time, the platforms that offer this have developed a lot in recent years and could meet the needs of the sharing actors, if they were used. What is missing is instead advice and guidance on both the technical choices but also on organizational form, sustainable business models and law related to agreements specifically for sharing.

The most important thing in technology development is that it becomes scalable so that it continues to drive business and does not lock in the development in a static system. At the same time, parts of the technology support for contracts, insurance and logistics are lacking as there is a lack of solutions adapted for sharing. There is an increasing gap between existing laws and technology development. It will require legislative changes and innovation within existing rules.

Common solutions for several sharing actors, such as gaining access to new contexts together or highlighting other non-competing initiatives can be a way to scale up both individual actors and each other. It was interesting to see that several actors are very aware that the market and the habit of sharing are something that they create together with other actors and that it requires both major players but also diversity of players.

Coworkers: Liv Fjellander

Year: 2019.0

Report number: C372

Authors: Liv Fjellander, Stina Behrens, Rebecka Carlsson, Isabelle Guselin

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