Utvärdering av rötkammaromrörning

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There are currently no clear definitions of what good stirring means in anaerobic digestion situations, and the term good stirring can be seen from several different perspectives. This report summarizes results from several experiments and theoretical considerations aimed at both mapping the stirring situation in the Syvab digestion chambers and estimating the potential for increases in gas production through improved stirring. Based on results from these, it is judged, at best, that Syvab's digestion chambers are just in line with what can be considered as a “good stirring”. Moreover, today's solution with round pumping is not considered a sustainable solution in the future. Round pumping as a single stirring solution also poses a risk from operational safety. The proposed measures are aimed at reducing the effect of short-circuiting currents in the digestion chambers and during sampling. In addition, important aspects are discussed in selecting a new stirring solution.

Coworkers: Christian Baresel, Sara Nilsson

Keywords: utvärdering, rötkammaromrörning

Year: 2019.0

Report number: B2328

Authors: Maximilian Lüdtke, Christian Baresel, Sara Nilsson

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