Improvement of Nordic Emission Models for Solvent Use in Selected Sectors


This project considers the NMVOC emission inventories for solvent use that are used by the five Nordic countries. The inventories are part of the reporting obligations to e.g. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the European Commission and UNECEConvention on Long-Range, Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP). A general hurdle in collecting, comparing and reporting data is to handle the discrepancies in coding systems, i.e. the allocation of sources to industrial sectors and domestic use. In this project an attempt has been made to collect and compare all the major codes associated with emission reporting and registration of chemical substances that are used and processed as solvents in the Nordic countries. Emission factors have been presented for source categories and specific chemical substances, when possible...

Coworkers: Tina Skårman

Keywords: Nordic Emission Models

Year: 2010

Report number: A1818

Authors: Patrik Fauser, Kristina Saarinen, Kristin Har-ardóttir, Marte O Kittilsen, Nina Holmengen, Tina Skårman

Published in: Nordic Council of Ministers, TemaNord 2009:556. ISBN 978-92-893-1907-2