Quality control of emitted NOX and SO2 in Swedish industries


Emissions of SO2 and NOx from certain industries reported by Sweden to the EU Monitoring Mechanism, EU:s NEC directive, UNFCCC and CLRTAP have been investigated in this study. The motive for this investigation was that there have been reasons to believe that reported emissions are not always correct. Within the study emissions from the following industrial sectors were included; refinery, cement, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, and pulp, paper and print industry. Data reported by Sweden for these sectors have been compared on a plant or sector level with data from other data sources (companies' environmental reports and trade organisations) and discrepancies have been noted. Several shortcomings have been found in the internationally reported inventory data and suggestions on improvements have been made which will increase the quality in coming submissions if they are implemented. These improvements involve for instance use of new emission factors for refinery oil and gas, exclusion of emissions that are double reported in e.g. the pulp, paper and print industry, inclusion of missing emissions in for instance the iron and steel industry and exchange of activity data/emissions in the cement industry. Finally there is a need of a review of emission factors in the iron and steel and pulp, paper and print industry.

Coworkers: Tina Skårman

Keywords: Quality control, emitted NOX, SO2, Swedish industries

Year: 2010

Report number: A1775

Authors: Tina Skårman, Anna-Karin Nyström

Published in: Sveriges Meteorologiska och Hydrologiska Institut, SMED Rapport Nr 35 2010. www.smed.se. ISSN: 1653-8102