Climate and Energy

Emissions of greenhouse gases must cut by half by 2030, and close to zero by 2050 if we are to hold the increase in global temperature below the two degree Celsius target. Such a major realignment of society necessitates sustainable energy, long-term strategies and climate adaptation planning.

Our work with climate and energy issues ranges from research on climate policy instruments to energy system analysis and action strategies. The production of electricity, district heating and bio energy are among our special areas of expertise within energy systems analysis. The climate performance of biofuels is perhaps of particular interest, and here we help authorities and businesses calculate sustainability criteria.

We also explore and develop alternative methods for the production of electricity, heat and fuel— not least the development of technology and systems for increasing energy efficiency. We also work with environmental labels, standardizations and certification programmes.

We carry out climate and vulnerability analyses on behalf of municipalities and provincial governments, we perform climate and vulnerability analyses and in several large research projects we are engaged in realistic efforts to realize a climate safe and sustainable society.