Better water in Tianjin Binhai

Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA), located in the Hai River estuary is a new growth area in China with abundant natural resources and large wetlands with high ecological values. However, growth is being slowed by serious environmental problems such as a shortage of clean water, contamination of water and deterioration of ecological values.

Due to the area’s fast industrialization and urbanization including upstream pollution load and climate change effects the local water authorities is facing complex management challenges.

The project “Better Water in Tianjin Binhai New Area” aims to support the development of a sustainable water management system for the coastal cities in the Hai River’s run-off area, via research into and development of appropriate actions. These will consist of policy changes, technical measures to reduce the burden of pollution on the water supply and ecological restoration in order to re-establish ecosystem services for natural water purification.

The project is part of the EU-China Environmental Sustainability Programme (ESP) which was launched in 2012 in order to support China's efforts to meet the targets defined in the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Environmental Protection: reduce water pollution, heavy metal pollution and improve solid waste recycling and utilization.

The final objective of the project is to make sure that water quality and ecological status in Tianjin Binhai New Area complies with national standards leading to better health conditions for people living in the basin and improved ecosystem services in the river and the Bohai Sea.

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