Sustainable and attractive train communities

Many people who live in communities outside of major urban areas are dependent on their cars. The areas surrounding suburban train stations are therefore often dominated by car parks. The project Hållbara attraktiva stationssamhällen (Sustainable and attractive train communities) is aimed towards challenging the idea of the car as the simple solution.

Sustainable urban development of train communities is important for the entire regional development, both in Sweden and internationally, and the demands for new and smart mobility solutions are great.

The two-year project is financed by Vinnova and will develop solutions for communities outside the major cities to obtain a lifestyle without car dependence.

The project aims to contribute to the growth of so-called train station societies by developing and demonstrating products and services for efficient land use and sustainable local mobility. IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Chalmers, SP and Viktoria Swedish ICT will - together with a large group of representatives from the municipality, region and industry - study the pilot areas of Lerum and Nödinge. The project begins on a local scale but is designed to be able to be used nationally.

The mobility services will take inspiration from transport solutions with bonus systems rewarding sustainable travel habits. Banks and brokers are to be able to offer housing calculations that includes travel time budget and carbon footprint numbers. Researchers will also develop a new climate calculation tool that will show the climate impact of various building development options.

Project facts

Hållbara och attraktiva stationssamhällen

Viktoria Swedish ICT

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