Towards a broad perspective on sustainability in European cities

The overarching ambition of the POCACITO project (European Post-CArbon Cities of Tomorrow) is the development of a roadmap for European cities that will lead to sustainable "post-carbon" cities by 2050. The term “post carbon" refers to the broad sustainability perspective adopted by the project that targets not only climatic and environmental dimensions but also issues of social and economic sustainability.

IVL is responsible for the work package in Malmö/Copenhagen, and will during the lifetime of the project hold a series of workshops in Malmö with various stakeholders – primarily the city of Malmö, but also Skånetrafiken, Malmö University, NCC, Pagen, Sigma and others.

IVL is also responsible for that part of the project that involves quantifying key indicators and scenarios on the road towards a "post-carbon" society.

Project facts

Pocacito - European Post-Carbon Cities of Tomorrow