Strategies for the smart cities of the future

The EU project Cityfied develops strategies to transform the existing high energy demanding European neighbourhoods into smart cities of the future.

The project is about reducing energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time increasing the use of renewable energy sources. Cityfied wants to achieve this by developing innovative technologies and new methods of renovating buildings, as well as creating smart power grids, district heating networks and mobility.

The project, coordinated by the Spanish foundation Cartif, currently has five European countries (in Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Germany and Sweden) involved as partners, as well as 21 other participants from the different European countries. The total project budget for the project is around EUR 49 million, of which approximately EUR 27 million are EU grants.

In Sweden, the project focuses on the current upgrading being done in the 40-year old residential district of Linero in Lund and the work of creating more environmentally friendly homes in the district. This will be achieved by improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the homes energy systems. Local partners are the Municipality of Lund, Lunds Kommuns Fastighets AB (LKF), Kraftringen and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

IVL has together with the municipality of Lund and Veolia developed a virtual model that will help spread the energy efficiency measures tested in the project, to the projects eleven follower cities.

Project facts

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