Residents being involved in urban renewal project

The  suburb of Alby in southwestern Stockholm is to be a pilot area for a new project  designed to examine how residents, with the aid of Urban Living Labs, can be  involved in the renewal of the area. Led by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and undertaken in collaboration with the Municipality of Botkyrka, the  project are supported by Vinnova.

About 650,000 Swedish dwellings – a third of the national multi-family residential stock – will need renewal and refurbishment in the years ahead. Most of these dwellings are located in ‘Million Programme’ areas. Although expensive, the project also offers an opportunity to contribute to social, economic and environmentally sustainable development in areas concerned.

The aim of the SubUrbanLab project is to develop and establish ’Urban Living Labs’ as part of planned renewal programmes in the Alby suburb of the Municipality of Botkyrka. The purpose of the Urban Living Labs is to provide meeting places where local residents can become involved in the entire process of renewing the urban environment, from planning to the implementation of various measures, and of strengthening the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the area. Web-based tools, social media and meetings will all be used in working to achieve these goals.

The municipality of Botkyrka has been working for a considerable time to involve residents in planning the renewal and refurbishment of urban environment in Alby, among other things within the framework of the Alby Urban Development Plan. As part of the earlier Sustainable attractive suburbs project, IVL and the municipality of Botkyrka also developed a method of taking into account local sustainability goals in formulating renewal measures, with particular emphasis on the importance of basing the project on local conditions, and on the engagement and participation of the residents.

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