Decoupling growth from resource use and its environmental impacts

Dynamix is a major European research project that aims to create dynamic policy instrument mixes within the EU in support of the decoupling of resource use and environmental impacts from economic growth.

Dynamix will develop dynamic and robust policy instruments mixes that will lead to the long-term decoupling of economic growth from resource use and its environmental impacts. This task requires a major shift in the way production and consumption is organized and regulated. To this end current and emerging perspectives that affect decoupling will be assessed to ascertain how these affect specific policies.

The primary target groups for Dynamix are EU and national-level policy-makers directly involved in designing and implementing resource use policies. DYNAMIX is linked to an earlier Swedish research program, Sustainable Waste Management, completed in 2012, in which researchers from IVL studied policy instruments designed to boost recycling and waste prevention.

The Dynamix focus is broader as it targets the whole of the EU and resources other than materials. The Dynamix project is carried out by a consortium led by the Ecologic Institute in Germany, with the participation of IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and research institutes from six other European countries.

Project facts