Cost-effective techniques and methods for low energy construction

The City of Malmö is part of the EU project BuildSmart, in association with WSP, IVL, Skanska, Roth Real Estate as well as with partners in Spain and Ireland. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate and disseminate cost-effective techniques and methods for low energy constructions, based on the existing different European climate conditions.

The building sector accounts for 40% of the total energy use, or 36% of EU's emissions of carbon dioxide. Improving the energy performance of Europe's buildings is a key factor for achieving the EU's climate goals of 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by 2020. The project is funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme and will continue until 2016, at which time all the demonstration projects will have been in use for one year.

The parties involved in Build Smart are Skanska with two projects Malmo Live at Malmö C; where the hotel building and residential buildings are included; as well as the office project Klipporna in Hyllie. It is not just technology that is the focus of the project, but also how the technology and the buildings are used is studied. Residents and users are trained for how buildings work before they move in, and can then continuously see the energy usage and how it changes based on their own behaviour.

During the planning phase conditions for building energy-efficiently with innovative technology were studied. Currently the project is in the construction phase, where the focus is to document and evaluate how technology can be implemented. BuildSmart gives the parties involved great opportunities for sharing their experience of potential obstacles and solutions, in order to contribute to a more sustainable urban development.

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Financed by
EU's Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7)