Cost and energy efficient methods for reconstruction of public buildings

A2PBEER is a European development project that runs for four years and where cost and energy efficient methods for reconstruction of public buildings are introduced, based on the expertise of more than the 20 project partners.

Buildings consume about 40 percent of the total energy supply in Europe, and energy efficient renovations play an essential role in meeting the EU's 20-20-20 target. A major contribution to this can be achieved by enhancing public buildings; as these consume about 40 percent more energy than private homes. Since 30 percent of Europe's public buildings have public owners A2PBEER is focusing on these buildings.

The project’s goal and message is to be able to demonstrate that the current requirements for near-zero energy buildings are attainable for public buildings through already available, affordable and adaptable technologies. The project would also like to show that it is both technically feasible and cost effective to reduce current energy use in existing public buildings with more than 50 percent. One goal is to demonstrate that the process can be repeated in different applications and climates with a payback period of less than seven years. Another goal is to push forward the renovations of existing property portfolio in Europe by providing building models for near-zero energy areas. Finally, the project wishes to motivate stakeholders in the construction industry, namely manufacturers, architects, property managers, property owners, ESCO's and users.

Project facts