The value of ecosystem services

Seven different research groups are participating in the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's research initiative regarding how the value of ecosystem services can be better taken into account in different community planning decisions. IVL is one of the participants and is also responsible for the communication efforts of the program.

Ecosystem services are benefits to humankind that are given for free by nature, and which we rely on for our survival and well-being. Among other things they provide cleaning processes for air and water, as well as nature itself - which in turn positively influences our health.

To achieve sustainable solutions for a community it is important that the value and importance of our ecosystem services becomes visible, and is taken into account in community planning. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency research initiative "The value of ecosystem services" is aimed towards supporting the work of one of the milestones in the Swedish environmental system; that the importance of biodiversity and the value of ecosystem services will by 2018 be generally known and integrated when possible into financial considerations, political considerations and decisions in the community.

Seven different research groups share the grant of a total of 29.7 million crowns from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The research team from IVL examines how ecosystem services can be used in connection with environmental impact assessments and socioeconomic impact assessments – in order to ensure that the value of ecosystem services and biodiversity are better integrated into these mandatory frameworks for decision making. IVL is also coordinating the research initiative’s communication efforts.

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The value of ecosystem services