Developing sustainable trajectories for urban building-stocks

More and more people move from rural areas and small towns in to cities. To achieve sustainable growth of building in the cities, we require a holistic view. This project aims to develop a new methodology for the transition of the urban building stock towards a long-term sustainable energy system.

The technical potential for reducing energy use in buildings is substantial. Despite this, the extensive conversion that is needed is not taking place. With this project we analyze how to, by tackling the problem at neighborhood level, find solutions that speed-up the transition and by taking into account both the energy demand- and supply-side and by not only taking into account refurbishment but also look at opportunities for new construction and extensions to existing structures.

The methodology development is designed to combine a previously developed building stock model with the use of geographic information systems and life cycle assessment to develop a methodology that can analyze how the urban building stock can be converted to a more sustainable system.

Fakta om projektet

Developing sustainable trajectories for urban building-stocks

  • Period: 2014-2018 
  • Budget: 5 135 000 SEK
  • Contact: Erika Mata

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