EGP Guizhou – improving people´s environmental rights in China

Today many people in China suffer from environmental problems relating to pollution. At the same time, they are often unaware of their environmental rights. The project EGP-Guizhou aims to improve the public’s access to environmental justice and to improve the environmental governance in China.

The project, part of the EU-China Environmental Governance Programme, is being funded by Europe Aid. Focus lies on the Chinese province of Guizhou, which already has interesting experiences in protecting the environmental rights of the public – for instance, the first Chinese environmental tribunal was founded here in 2007.

One important aspect of the project is to develop awareness of environmental legislation and of the rights that citizens can claim if affected by environmental damage. Within the project a number of awareness raising activities have taken place among the public. A lot of effort has also been made to build know-how within local governmental institutions and judicial authorities as well as among law firms and volunteer lawyers, enterprises and non-governmental organizations.

Part of the project has been to produce an information film that is being taken to the public via TV and social media. The project has also produced a practical manual with guidance on environmental law and has supported the establishment of the Environmental Damage Assessment centre in Guizhou.

The project is part of the EU-China Environmental Governance Programme (EGP). It is financed through Europe Aid and contributions from the project partners All-China Environment Federation (ACEF), Guizhou International Cooperation Centre for Environmental Protection, and Guiyang Public Environmental Education Centre, as well as IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute (lead). The project does not only aim to improve the access to environmental justice and environmental governance in the Guizhou Province, its’ ambition is also to duplicable the results in other parts of China as well as to provide input to central level policy-making in China.

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