Research on photochemical smog in China

Along with a number of Chinese partners researchers from IVL, the University of Gothenburg, and Chalmers, have been awarded a major research grant from Formas and the Swedish Research Council to conduct research on photochemical smog in Beijing and Hong Kong.

In recent years, the problems with high levels of air pollution in China have attracted more and more attention and are now highly prioritized on the political agenda. It appears that smog in China have different characteristics than that of Europe and the U.S. and therefore demands a different approach.

Air qualities in two regions, Beijing and Hong Kong, are to be investigated. Researchers will study how air pollutants are formed, and what differentiate the smog in China from Europe and North America, and then propose appropriate measures.

– China has become a major research player and great efforts are now being taken towards improving the air quality. The aim is primarily to increase the research collaboration with China, but it will also mean a lot for the environmental cooperation between our two countries, says John Munthe, research director at IVL.

The research project will run until 2019, this with a budget of almost 25 million SEK. In addition to the Swedish participants, three universities and a research institute in China are linked to the project.