Joint laboratory for air surveillance in China

In collaboration with the Chinese Research Institute CRAES, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute will establish a joint laboratory for air surveillance in China. The joint laboratory will promote research cooperation between Sweden and China in the areas of air quality monitoring and analysis.

Of great interest is the possibility to monitor areas where there presently is no other monitoring system in place. This can be done with diffusive and passive sampling; an area where IVL has world leading expertise. Diffusive samplers are small, inexpensive and easy to handle. They do not require power and are therefore easy to deploy in large areas where they can identify different levels of air pollution which contains complex mixtures of emission sources.

– It is important to establish a better system of emission monitoring and emission control in China, but it is also important that to provide solid data for decisions to be based on, as well as suggestions for improvements.

The exchange will apply research and surveys regarding, among other things, PM2.5 particles, volatile organic compounds, VOCs, photochemical smog and air quality in indoor environment. IVL will also contribute knowledge about strategies and decision-making regarding air monitoring and climate strategies.