Products and material

We analyse emissions emanating from various products and chemical compounds extracted from them. The analyses are primarily carried out in connection with research on exposure in indoor environments.

In our emission chambers, we analyse the emissions from products to air, including volatile organic compounds, VOCs, with concomitant health and environmental side effects.

Our experienced staff of chemists analyses and evaluates both older, known toxins and new replacement chemicals in products, such as softeners in plastic mats. We analyse substances and degradation products in many different sample types: air, dust, wastewater, water, soil and sediments, biota, food and human samples.

We are constantly developing new analytical methods to meet changes in society, including by means of so-called non-target-analysis, a type of analysis performed to determine the presence of compounds not known beforehand. Analyses and tests are tailored to match the needs of individual assignments and research projects.

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