Indoor environments

Issues in indoor environments are not uncommon. Our laboratory analyses samples from indoor environments, such as mold and asbestos. We also test the mold growth on new materials.

In addition to the analysis of indoor environmental samples, we can carry out more comprehensive investigations and measurements and are also to refer to other consultants if we think that this may be the best solution in any particular case.

Air Profile Analysis indoors / VOC

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a collective name for a large number of gaseous substances. The incidence of VOCs in an indoor environment may indicate incipient problems. We provide samplers and detailed instructions for using them. The samplers utilize diffusion technology (passive sampling) or a pump.

Building mycology

The building mycology laboratory analyses samples taken from indoor environments being investigated for moisture problems. These samples often consist of materials of different types that are examined for the presence of mold under a microscope.