EU-funded research

We participate in a wide variety of EU research programmes that concentrate on environment and energy, in addition to regional cooperation programmes. Through many years of involvement in EU research and development IVL has built up good relationships with many of Europe's leading research institutes, universities and networks.

The research that we are pursuing within the EU is mainly financed by the European Union’s Research and Innovation funding program, the Seventh Framework Programme and Horizon 2020. The research we do cover basic environmental issues such as the spreading and effects of environmental pollution, climate change, sustainable building and environmental technology. We also develop tools and models to assess climate and environmental impact of products and processes.

IVL is currently involved as either a coordinator or partner in more than 30 EU projects. Several of the projects focus on the renovation of existing, and high energy consuming, European neighbourhoods - turning them into smart cities of the future. The goal is to reduce energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions while increasing the use of renewable energy sources. This can be achieved by developing and testing innovative new technologies, developing new methods of renovating buildings and creating smart electricity and district heating systems. We also work in several EU projects that are dealing with water treatment, chemicals, waste and transport.

Participation in an EU-funded research programme is initiated by an application to a call from one of the EU´s research programmes. When applications are developed by international consortiums, well established contacts and networks are required in order to participate. EU-funded research often also enables involvement from industry partners, and therefore IVL can often offer Swedish companies an opportunity to participate in international research and development projects.