Technology Transfer in CDM projects in China

The report is the result of a coordinated effort between Chinese and European partners to the EUChina CDM Facilitation Project.


The strategic relationship between the EU and China, in terms of “interdependence on energy and climate security”, is of growing importance to both parties. In 2005, China and the EU agreed to a partnership on climate change, which contains two concrete co-operation goals to be achieved by 2020. The first is to demonstrate and develop, in China and the EU, advanced near “zeroemissions” coal technology. The second goal is to significantly reduce the cost of key technologies and to promote their deployment and dissemination. Furthermore, the Partnership also aims to reinforce EU-China cooperation through the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) by strengthening the implementation of CDM, facilitating the exchange of information on CDM projects and encouraging both European and Chinese companies to engage in CDM project co-operation.

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