Emissions, transport, deposition and effects of base cations in relation to acidification. Report from the UNECE LRTAP workshop in Gothenburg November 2003

The workshop on base cation deposition took place in Gothenburg on 26-28 November 2003. It was an official workshop of the Co-operative Programme for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution, EMEP and Working Group on Effects under the UNECE/CLRTAP. It was organised by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL) and the Swedish Research Programme on International and National Abatement Strategies for Transboundary Air Pollution (ASTA). The workshop report summarises the state-of-knowledge of emissions, dispersion and deposition of base cations over Europe. The workshop evaluated in particular the knowledge with respect to mapping the base cation deposition over Europe as a basis for the application of dynamic models in the coming air pollution abatement strategies in Europe. The knowledge reflects the present situation, historical development and prospects for the coming 10-20 years

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