Effects of Tributyltin Compounds on Survival and Growth of the Amphipod Gammarus oceanicus

Amphipod larvae, Gammarus ocenaicus, were exposed for 8 weeks to tributyltin fluoride (TBTF), or for 5 weeks to leachates from tributyltin-containing antifouling paints. No larvae survived 8 wks exposure to 3 ppb TBTO or TBTG. Different larval survival occured during exposure to 0.3 ppb of these same compounds. Paint leachates were shown to cause similar toxicity responses at comparable aqueous tributyltin concentrations. An examination of sublethal response showed slight decrease n growth for larvae exposed to TBTO and to pint leachates, although responses at tributtin levels below 1 ppb were not marked. Whole-animal oxygen consumption rates were not affected by low tributyltin exposure levels. While tehse studies demonstrate low-level toxicity of tributyltins, effects on oxygen consumption and growth do not indicate a mode of action for these compounds.

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Last updated: 2021-05-05

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