EcoWater report - Review and Selection of eco-efficiency indicators to be used in the EcoWater Case Studies

This report presents an overview with insights from the literature survey and provides a list with different indicators. The literature overview focuses on the available academic and policy literature, information and knowledge on eco-efficiency indicators and assessment methodologies. We conclude that the EcoWater Ecoefficiency indicators should flexibly encompass meso-level interactions that influence the adoption and effects of micro-level changes. For this analysis, we understand the meso-level as interactions among individual technologies and different actors, resulting in interdependencies. We have researched (meso-level) indicators and parameters, and conclude that neither is "fixed" in literature. Literature does not provide a certain set of indicators applicable to eco-efficiency, let alone parameters for meso-level. As a result, we conclude that each Case Study will use an own set of indicators and parameters. Based on a first exercise, the insights gained from literature and the different EcoWater discussions, we propose a process to cover the different aspects of the indicator and parameter selection. This process is guiding, not prescriptive - in reality the process can follow different paths. The Case Studies can use this process to further refine their indicator and parameter identification. In this process we recommend to further the discussion on the need and means for aggregating parameters into indicators. This report is only available in English.

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