EcoWater - Results of the 2nd targeted event – Industry links

This document reports on the event organized by the EcoWater Project in Amsterdam in November 2013, addressing an industrial audience. The key objectives of the EcoWater side event were to present the EcoWater project to the water industry, communicating concepts and discussing results so far, and to develop contacts with industry. Due to the fact that a project alone is rarely able to attract a large external audience, EcoWater sought to develop a significant contribution to, and presence in, a major water technologies fair; the AquaTech Amsterdam Fair was selected for the purpose. The EcoWater project sought to develop three initiatives during AquaTech: 1. A booth in the Dutch pavilion of the fair; 2. AquaStages; 3. A breakfast event. The EcoWater Project has put significant effort into connecting to the world of technology providers, and this outreach activity has been quite successful. The Project team seized the opportunity to connect to a significant number of industry organizations through the Project booth and AquaStages, and these contacts have been kept informed on the subsequent EcoWater developments. The AquaTech Exhibition was held concurrently with the IWW (International Water Week) Conference, where EcoWater participants took the opportunity to present the project; two papers were presented: 1. Eco-efficient Innovation in Industrial Water-service Systems: Analysing Options, Drivers and Barriers by Les Levidow, Palle Lindgaard-Jorgensen, Åsa Nilsson, Sara Alongi Skenhall 2. Meso-level Eco-efficiency Indicators to Assess Technologies in Urban Water-use Sectors by Olga Steiger Overall, the EcoWater Industry Event achieved significant outreach and can be considered successful; it enabled both the dissemination of Project methods and outputs to a wider audience, and the development of new linkages to the industry community. It also provided valuable feedback towards the further enhancement of the EcoWater Tools for improving their usability and applicability in an industrial setting. This report is only available in English.

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