EcoWater - Proceedings of the 1st targeted event – Research links

The present document is the proceedings of the EcoWater scientific event, which took place as a one-day side event during the AquaConSoil 2013 conference. The two key objectives of the meeting were: 1. Present Ecowater and expose the project to scientific peers, discussing concepts and results so far; 2. Learn from other projects / initiatives to enrich the EcoWater development. The conference was organized in 4 slots, which were kept independent to allow for the audience to attend only selected sessions if desired. This scientific event has been very valuable for the EcoWater project. The project has received substantial input through the presentations of the invited speakers, and by discussing the specificities of the project with them and among the partners. As a result, stronger interactions may be anticipated between all on-going initiatives, including UNEP Resource Efficiency, Eco-Innovera, EmInInn, and the ETV pilot programme. In particular, the European efforts can possibly benefit more from each other’s presence than achieved so far. This report is only available in English.

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