EcoWater -  Synthesis report from the 1st Round of Case Study events

The Deliverable 6.1 presents the main outcomes from the 1st Round of the EcoWater Case Study events, which comprises the: Monte Novo Workshop (Évora, Portugal, April 2012); Sinistra Ofanto Workshop (Bari, Italy, October 2012); Volvo Automotive Industry Workshop (Gothenburg, Sweden, March 2013). The Case Study Workshops were aimed at introducing the EcoWater concept and objectives to local audiences and strengthen linkages and collaborations with local actors. During the events, the EcoWater project and its anticipated results were presented and the main aspects of the specific Case Studies were analyzed. The discussions held in the Case Study events were mainly dedicated to:? Demonstrating the relevance of the Project approach in supporting local policy decisions and actions, and obtaining feedback on work already undertaken at the Case Studies, in relation to value chain mapping and baseline eco-efficiency assessments; Consolidating the applicability of the employed approach, particularly with regard to economic assessments, taking into consideration the interactions among the different  conomic actors involved; Jointly deciding on the environmental aspects that should be taken into consideration and the technologies that should be assessed through the Project. The Case Study Workshops also included field visits and joint activities for the familiarization of the Project Partners with the Study areas, and for the identification of the main points to be included in the analysis based on the input provided by the local stakeholders. The 1 st Round of the EcoWater Case Study Workshops fostered the dissemination of the Project and its preliminary results to the local actors and provided useful outcomes for the Case Study Development processes and the research activities of the Project. This report is only available in English.

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