Eco-Efficient Technologies for Improved Removal of Particulates from Surfaces. Results of the European Union project REPART

Industrial cleaning and rinsing procedures are often resource demanding and money consuming processes. Through closing up systems and minimising the water and chemicals used, economy as well as quality and environmental aspects can be improved in many cases. This report is a summary of studies made within the EU project REPART. In one part of the project different methods for separation of particles are compared technically and economically. Also cleaning formulations are tested regarding their treatment possibilities on membrane filtration. Calcium has been identified as a trouble causing parameters in membrane filtration of rinse water and investigations have been made to show how to avoid the problems. A small study for determination of the desired rinse water quality was made. There are often large profits to gain through closing up processes, but since almost each process is complex and unique, studies have to be made on-site before installing the new technique.

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